It used to be that complete information about a library's collection was contained in a library's catalog. That's not true anymore now that libraries have incorporated internet-delivered content from diverse providers. New categories of information about the collection are now needed to facilitate online access to online content. For example, OpenURL link-servers need to know how and when to make links into online databases. They need machine-readable coverage statements and normalized titles. And they need to be able to deal with information providers that seem to be constantly changing their products and services. The databases that contain this type of information have come to be known as Knowledgebases.

Openly Informatics has been developing and maintaining Knowledgebases for the six years of its existence, although we didn't know what to call them at the start. Openly now licenses Knowledgebase components to the very best Library Automation Vendors and e-Journal Aggregators in the world. They take OCLC Openly components and tightly integrate them into product offerings which deliver a variety of services, including A-Z lists, OpenURL linking services and information portals.

Openly Informatics currently offers two Knowlegebase components, the JournalSeek Linking Database, and the UHF Holdings Data Service. Together, these products contain linking information for over 90,000 serial publications from over 2,700 publishers. Access to the combined Knowledgebase is included in OCLC's WorldCat Link Manager linking service.

Openly/Genamics JournalSeek Database

Together with the folks at Genamics.com, Openly has put together a package of data and software that works with Link Server Applications to enable comprenhesive linking to your serials catalog. The JournalSeek DataBase includes thousands of journal descriptions and OCLC's WorldCat Link Manager Linking Engine to compute links.

The JournalSeek Database includes the following information for a rapidly growing number of e-journals:

  1. Journal Title (92,215)
  2. ISSN (all)
  3. e-ISSN (7,127)
  4. home page link (24,095)
  5. text description (26,801)
  6. on-line publisher (21,610)
  7. instructions, encoded in XML, on how to link to individual articles in the journal. (13,773)
    • article : 6,083
    • abstract : 5,198
    • toc/search : 1,426
  8. hierarchical classification (30,514)
  9. linking methods (1,195)

The JournalSeek database makes a librarian's life simpler by removing much of the underlying complexity involved with linking to electronic subscriptions from different publishers.

The JournalSeek database has been fully integrated with OCLC's WorldCat Link Manager , but it is available separately, for licensed use on your library website.

JournalSeek and Link.Openly are included in library automation systems from leading vendors worldwide. See our news page.

JournalSeek is INCLUDED at no extra charge in WorldCat Link Manager.


JournalSeek covers over 2,700 publishers- think about the time you'll save trying to keep track of all those. JournalSeek includes hundreds of "enhanced links" that transport your patrons to tables-of-contents pages, to issue pages, even to full-text article pages. The link for each title gets checked and verified for each bi-monthly data release.

For Sales inquiries, please contact us at nj-info@oclc.org

Publishers wanting their journals included should first read our info for publishers page, then please contact us at nj-info@oclc.org. This is also the appropriate address for submitting changes and corrections.

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