JournalSeek Coverage for e-Journals

What is JournalSeek?

JournalSeek is a database of e-Journals designed to facilitate comprehensive linking for libraries of all sizes. It currently covers over 75000 titles, and facilitates the construction of links to journal homepages, to tables of contents, and even to individual articles, given sufficient bibliographic information.

Who uses JournalSeek?

JournalSeek is being licensed through database publishers and library automation companies with over a thousand customers around the globe. These companies use the database to build link-server software that knits together a library's digital collections.

Why should e-Journals be covered by JournalSeek?

E-Journals covered by JournalSeek will get more usage and will be more accessible. Inclusion in the database will help market the e-Journal to new subscribers.

What information does JournalSeek collect?

JournalSeek collects journal titles, abbreviated titles, text descriptions, publisher's name, ISSN, electronic ISSN, journal home page URL, and URL patterns for issues and articles.

How does JournalSeek record article links?

JournalSeek does not record individual articles, instead, it maintains url patterns. So if an e-journal uses "http://anyjournal.com/v01/i02/p05 for an article on page 5 of volume 1 issue 2, then JournalSeek records the pattern http://anyjournal.com/v&volume;/i&issue;/p&startPage;

How can JournalSeek listings be added/modified/deleted?

Just send e-mail to nj-info@oclc.org. We'll accept excel files, tabular text if you have them.

Do e-Journals need to have ISSN's to be in JournalSeek.

Yes they do. Visit http://www.issn.org/ for information about how to get an ISSN.

What types of journals are eligible for coverage in JournalSeek?

JournalSeek is limited to the types of literature that might be available through an academic library. Journals with open access policies are particularly welcome.

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