OCLC Openly Link Evaluator Firefox extension

June 05, 2009 v. 0.99.7

* Compatible with Firefox 3.5.
* Option to filter links not to test.

Jan 11, 2007 v. 0.99.5

* Bookmark-links evaluation added. There is a new menu item added inside the "Tools" -> "Link Evaluator" sub-menu. When chosen, it brings up a new browser tab that contains html page with the bookmarks list inside. Then Link Evaluator starts to test the links as in any other page.

Dec 14, 2006 - v. 0.99.3

* code cleanup - removed commented-out and/or experimental code; few more javascript comment lines added.
* The control panel doesn't swap focus with the main window when a test was started from the Monitor tab of the ControlPanel.
* Presentation changes: Removed the "copy to textboxes" button - the same function is performed just by selecting a profile name; changed the names of the red-green boxes buttons from "Apply" to "Activate" and from "Read last saved" to "Read active"; added "Help" button; ...

Dec 05, 2006 - v. 0.99.2

* The green/red-flag textbox-es appear under 1 tab-panel now. (both sets can be seen side by side in two groupboxes)
* Removed the "Default"(-phrases) buttons from the red/green flag group-boxes
* Improved the handling of profile names within the dropdown menu.

Nov 28, 2006 - v. 0.99.1

After 2 months pause, some cosmetic work done:

* Improved the presentation of the "Profiles" box. Now all buttons are disabled at startup.
* When a profile is transferred to Green/red flag boxes the selected tab-panel changes from "Help" to "Green-flag phrases". (Note added later: This change became obsolete with v.0.99.2 because the profiles dropdown was put inside the "Red/green-flag phrases" tab-panel.)

Oct 10, 2006 v 0.99 beta

* reduced the number of "alert" messages
* some labels and tooltips changed

Oct 09,2006 v.0.99 alpha

* added "profiles" feature - now user can store (into the preferences system) named sets of red and green flag phrases
* major refactorization of the multithreading functions
* now the ControlPanel window is positioned relative to the main window, not to the screen ( to avoid problems in double screen settings)

Sep 28

Development version with profiles

Sep 06,2006 - v.0.98.1

* removed obsolete rdf file (contents.rdf) from the distribution package
* fixed a problem with framesets containing empty frames

Aug 27,2006 - v.0.98.0

* Changed the presentation of test results in the "Monitor" panel - the tested link is displayed at the end of each log line.

Aug 20, 2006 - v.0.97.6

* Changes in the way multiple windows are handled (hoping to improve behavior under Mac OS).
* The approach for preventing namespace conflicts changed to "dots method"
* In the "Monitor" tab -- Test results now presented in a reverse order (latest on top)
* The "reversing of links decoration" feature works even better .. ;)
* Misc.: the progress indicator text-color changed from black to blue, the popup panel closes when the main window is closed, more user-text strings moved to props and dtd files, small change in the links decoration algorithm

Aug 16, 2006 - v.0.97.5

* Code cleanup and refactorization - locale properties files are used for localization of the javascript user-text strings.
* Fixed reported bug - the "halt" feature did not work in some cases
* The "reverse link decoration" feature works better
* The extension reacts faster when "stop" clicked

Aug 11, 2006 - v.0.97

*(!) Link testing inside frameset frames.
* Third option to start the extension - from the Control Panel's Monitor tab.
* Reversing of the link's coloration and tooltip texts (for now, works only during the test).
* Changed the presentation of the Help info - now there is only one subtab of the Help tab. (Four in the previous version)

Aug 7, 2006 - v. 0.96.9

July 31, 2006 - v. 0.96

* Fixed issue with non-ASCII-7 red/green flag phrases.
* The incoming Content-type enforced to "text/html;charset=UTF-8"
    (this has to be rethought again, having in mind that the non-ASCII-7 issue was resolved independently)
* small changes in the UI text
* 3 new default red-flag phrases added
* internal params tuned to slightly more aggressive link testing ( the pause between starting new link-testing threads is 250ms now -- down from 500ms; when testing links to the same host the pause was set to 750 ms -- down from 1000ms)
    (it is also worth considering decreasing the timeout interval from 15 secs to 12 or 10)

July 26, 2006 - v. 0.95

* Added progress indicator in the status bar. The test can be stopped with a double-click on that progress indicator (it is located down on the right side of the browser status bar).
* I have also improved the presentation of the test log that appears in the popup window (the control panel) -- in the Results tab.
* Slight changes in the dtd files (the text).
* The menu items are now "Evaluate Links" and "Link Evaluator Control Panel".

Jun 23, 2006

The Japanese localization completed(v.

Jun 15, 2006

Version 0.9 completed.

New features:

- All of the User Interface text moved to dtd files. That makes possible localization in other languages - Japanese localization under way.

- The presentation of the Control panel improved. If already activated and left in background on the computer "desktop", the Control panel comes back to focus if the user tries to reactivate it. The size of the popup window adjusts after load. All "Help" tabs in italic now - it makes easier to distinguish between Help and Configuration, Results tabs. Some wording has been changed too.

Jun1 1, 2006

New name - Openly Link Evaluator

Development version 0.8.7

May 2006 - v.0.8

  - Added XUL control panel.
  - The Green/Red- flag phrases are "session" customizable via the LinkVal Control panel, or "page" customizable via specially prepared "LinkVal aware" Web pages.
  - The text of the response pages is white-space condensed before starting the lookups for red/green- flag phrases
    (the "non-break space" entity -   also taken into account).
  - The links-tests session may be logged in one of the tabs of the LinkVal Control panel.

Metrics: 2 Javascript files with 900 lines of code; 3 XUL files with 300 lines of code; also 2 dtd files(for the en-US locale) , 1 rdf and 1 manifest file. Size of the package as an xpi file: 30kb.

April 2006 - v.075


This version has improved calcColor function and a new option for embedding red- green- flag phrases on the page. The new option assigns red- green- phrases to links inside HTML DIV elements with class name starting with predefined String literal - currently it is set to "linkval_div".

March -April 2006 - development resumed

development variant- v.0.6: It only displays Red/Green Flag Phrases found in span tag, and corresponding to host or URI
under development - v.0.7: Similar to 0.6 but has fewer alert messages and has calculateColor function implemented

Nov 2005 - v.0.5

First multithreaded version (4 threads). Development suspended at the end of the month.

Oct 2005 - v.0.01

Uses default red and green- flag phrases only.

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