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Consulting and Development Services

DOI, OpenURL, CrossRef, Open Archives, RTF, RDF, XML, PDF.

What do all these words mean, and in particular, what do they mean for your business or project??Openly Informatics can help you wade through this thicket of acronyms and focus your strategy.

We have unparalleled expertise in the following areas:

  • OpenURL Appropriate Copy Linking
  • DOI and CrossRef Linking
  • XML for scholarly publishing
  • Hyperlinking systems
  • Linking Metadata

Our clients have come from a variety of industries, and have included

In addition to our consulting services, Openly Informatics has the expertise in developing internet server applications to turn your ideas into reality.Our development services are best employed in development of linking, redirection, database, OpenURL implementation, and authentication services.Our primary development platform is Java, but we've been known to deploy solutions implemented using PERL, Visual Basic and Applescript.For more information, contact Eric Hellman

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