Openly Informatics supplies e-journal aggregator holdings tables to a variety of clients- libraries, library automation companies, subscription agents, aggregators, and publishers. To support this work, we have developed an XML format that we think can do a pretty good job of representing any internet library holding.


Holdings tables are needed for OpenURL Link-Servers such as:

  • 1Cate
  • LinkFinderPlus
  • ZPortal
  • SFX
  • LinkSource
  • Sirsi Resolver
  • Ulrich's Resource Linker

Holdings Format should accommodate data from

  • Aggregators
  • Publishers
  • Subscription Agents
  • Library Catalogs

Holdings Format must support

  • Linking Metadata
  • Application-specific Metadata
  • Serials-specific Metadata

Holdings Format should support

  • A-Z list production
  • MARC record production
  • Extant metadata standards- OpenURL, ONIX, Dublin Core, CrossRef etc.

What IS a Digital Library Holding, Anyway?

Fundamental Characteristics of a Holding _ requirements for Universal Holdings Format

A Holding is either a container of Holdings or a Holding atom
format should express containment naturally and flexibly
A Holding has Metadata attached
format should attach metadata efficiently
Holdings are miscible in the digital environment
Holdings and metadata must be easily detachable from a document
Metadata values are either primitive or complex
if complex they can be assigned identity
format should enforce identity assignment to complex values
Metadata Formats are always incomplete.
format should allow attachment of arbitrary metadata
usage case for UHF

UHF Core design

XML Schema is here
  • XML Schema for extensibility
  • metadata always an attribute
  • header, collection, holding, objects elements
  • bunchof element for attribute inheritance
  • repetition element for list metadata
  • only 4 native attributes: URL, Note, ID, Ref
  • RDF compatible

UHF.Journal design

XML Schema is here
  • assorted Linking metadata, all in attributes
  • ProviderID, DbID, Title, ISSN, Format etc.
  • Content, ContentStart, ContentEnd attributes


  • UHF XML format successfully used
  • Made 1200+ tables from 93 providers!
  • Java parser written
  • Used in 1Cate OpenURL link-server
  • Tables produced monthly
  • Schema documents available at http://nj.oclc.org/uhf/
  • Sample file for Directory of Open-Access Journals: DOAJ.xml

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